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Styles of garden landscaping Perth locals love are combining aesthetic appeal with convenience, offering a pleasant and laid-back ambience for long and hot WA summers. A beautiful water feature will elevate the look and feel of your outdoor living area while attracting wildlife, cooling the air and providing relaxing sounds.

Benefits of Water Features

The main purpose of a water feature is to enhance the design of your garden and create a soothing ambience. But it is not there only to be beautiful! One of the key benefits is the ability to purify the air and create a cooling effect. Fountains and waterfalls also produce relaxing sounds which contributes to your wellbeing. Most importantly, water can contribute to a healthier ecosystem because it invites the stunning Australian wildlife to your backyard. Birds, bees, frogs, lizards and all kinds of insects will appreciate the source of drinking water along with plants, rocks and other features of your garden that can provide food or shelter. Sustainable designs are using only natural materials and integrated mechanisms that can recycle water. If you are looking for a professional landscaper, Perth has garden designers who can help you choose the best waterwise and eco-friendly feature for your property.

Choosing Water Features to Complement the Style of Your Garden

Water features should seamlessly blend into your landscape design. Whether you prefer a coastal, bush, English or Mediterranean-style garden, fountains, waterfalls and ponds make stunning focal points, but you should choose the style and design that complements your backyard. The first step is to decide on the theme and overall look of the garden. This will help you select plants and create a layout that makes a natural extension of your house. Garden designers Perth-wide specialise in creating contemporary designs that are suitable for WA weather and local soils. Once you have a general idea of what your garden should look like, it is much easier to incorporate water features. A retro-style self-containing fountain is perfect for a manicured Mediterranean-inspired garden, while a pond, waterfall or a rock water feature will complement a laid-back outdoor space bedecked with Australian natives.

Waterwise Solutions

Landscape design Perth locals appreciate incorporates waterwise systems that are practical and easy to maintain. Creating a laid-back, relaxing and sustainable outdoor space is easier than you think because you can turn your garden into a zen oasis while minimising your water waste! The key to a beautiful waterwise garden is strategical landscaping that prevents evaporation due to high temperatures. It is always better to build your water feature in a shady area which is not directly exposed to the sun. Since large fountains allow more water to evaporate, it is practical to choose smaller pieces that recirculate water once filled. Urns, mini fountains, small ponds and rock water features can look impressive even though they are not utilising too much of your water resources. Additionally, you can save water by turning your water features on when you are spending time outside.

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