The Ultimate Guide to Dog-Friendly Landscaping

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Australians really love their dogs. They’re part of the family and it would be impossible to imagine spending time in their backyards without them. Dogs can be a lot of fun when they’re on their best behaviour. However, many absolutely adore digging up their pristine flower beds not to mention going to the toilet on their perfect lawns. So, how do you design a yard that’s dog-friendly? You might be surprised to find out that it’s easier than you might think!

Install some decking

When you’re looking for decking installers, Perth is one of the best areas to find a good company. Here, at Landscape By Design we install robust and attractive decking Perth-wide. Decks are a practical and great-looking way to separate your garden and lawn from your pet, so it doesn’t damage the grass when you’re enjoying the outdoors. (Remember to ask for a gate to be installed!)

Put in a water feature

Ponds can be dangerous for dogs so think about installing a water feature like a fountain instead. Fountains look good, are relaxing and can either be modern or classical in style. Your dog will love his new drinking fountain!

Train your dog

Rather than sitting worrying about where your dog goes to the toilet, train him to go in a specific spot so your garden stays looking good.

Put in a fenced area

Put up a fence so your dog is always enclosed where you can see him when he is outside. This is also a great way to stop him getting at your precious plants and flowers.

Choose the right grass

Dog urine can create brown patches on your lawn and can actually burn your grass. If your dog pees on your lawn, neutralise it straight away by pouring some water over it. You want to also put down tough grass such as Buffalo grass or something similar as it’s hard-wearing.

Use raised box planters

Adding raised box planters filled with flowers is a beautiful and pet-friendly addition to any backyard. Choose ones that are eye-catching and colourful to add some interest.

Add mulch

Mulch adds durable texture and colour to your yard without being messy. Remember to avoid the cocoa variety because it’s toxic to dogs. Using mulch in your yard is perfect for retaining moisture in your soil. It also breaks down over time and is great for the health of your soil.

Know your plants

There are so many plants that can be poisonous to dogs so read up on the ones in your garden. Also, when you’re buying new plants, make sure that they’re dog-friendly.

Gate and fence-off your pool

Dogs are generally good swimmers however they can get into great difficulty and can even drown in your pool in minutes. When you’re looking for pool landscaping, Perth-based Landscape By Design are the local experts. Just give us a call and we’ll give you a free quote, so you have peace of mind when your dog is playing outside. Dog-proofing your yard is easy when you know-how. By following the steps about, you can rest assured that your dog will enjoy your garden safely.

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