4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Your Pool

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Planning to put in a pool can be daunting. There’s so much to think about from pool landscaping Perth ideas to where in your yard is best to put the pool. There is so much time, effort, money and planning that goes into installing a pool so it’s imperative to plan everything out well. In this blog we’ve put together a list of the 4 most commonly made mistakes to avoid when your putting in your pool. So, let’s take a look.

Not consulting the council before installing your pool

It’s crucial to get planning permission from your local council before you even begin to get your heart set on a specific type of pool. There will be many rules and regulations that you need to know so do bear this in mind. Also, if your plans change in any way at all after you get planning permission, you’ll need to check with the council that everything complies with the local regulations.

Not realising that placement is a key design element

Of course, you will have given a lot of thought to enable you to develop a Perth garden landscaping design. When it comes to your pool you need to consider many key elements. You need to put it where it will look good. You also need to think about putting it in a place that gets good sun. It should not have any trees hanging over it either as these can cause damage as well as cleanliness issues. 

Not thinking enough about fibreglass versus concrete

A concrete pool can be custommade and designed in any shape and size. Although it is more expensive than fibreglass a concrete pool is often seen as a work of art in your outdoor space. If you choose concrete just remember to get it finished well. A badly constructed concrete pool can be a mildew magnet. Fibreglass pools are easily installed and cheaper. Additionally, they’re easy to keep clean. There is also a third option – a vinyl pool. Vinyl pools are the least expensive ones on the market but the cheaper the pool the shorter the lifespan.

Poorly potting plants

Often, instead of consulting landscapers, Perth people will ask their pool builder about what plants should go around their pool. It’s important to either speak with a landscaper or to do your homework in terms of figuring out what plants work best where. As a rule, you should choose ones with minimal leaf drop that don’t have sharp foliage and that don’t grow too large. A swimming pool is a wonderful feature to have in your garden. It’s so convenient to have a healthy and enjoyable place to swim right in your backyard. Think of it as your own personal oasis to cool off from the summer sun and as a wonderful opportunity for a midnight swim. There are so many advantages of pool landscaping Perth that far outweigh any issues. Just be sure not to make any of the above mistakes and you’ll be good to go!

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