About Landscape By Design

Design & Build Your Perfect Landscape Without Compromise

We understand that hiring a landscape designer is a very important decision. Much like if you were commissioning a piece of artwork, you don’t just choose any artist. You want to ensure that you appreciate the style of the artist you choose and that you are confident that they can deliver what you request and have the track record so you can rest easy and enjoy the process.


30+ years creating landscape masterpieces

The Landscape By Design team has more than 30 years of experience in designing and creating outdoor luxury landscapes. As our valued client, we treat your outdoor dream as though it was our own. We believe in the perfect mix of collaboration, service, understanding and experience to create the ideal landscape for you.

All great things start with an initial idea, which we further develop, nurture and grow until it becomes something truly amazing. Outstanding design helps us to build your outdoor dream. You can simply sit back, relax and watch the transformation happen.

Landscape By Design is fully committed to creating unique luxury landscapes for each and every client we work with. We make it so that every day at home feels like a holiday in your favourite escape.

We provide a guarantee on all labour and only ever work with the best materials available to create your dream outdoor space. We also never compromise quality for time, providing our clients with realistic schedules that fit in with their lives.

Choose Landscape By Design to unlock the potential of your outdoor space! We work alongside you to offer creative and innovative solutions for all your outdoor living needs. Our Perth-based team specialise in stone work with pavement and limestone. We have a wealth of experience and a portfolio of satisfied clients who are a testament to our exceptional and dependable expertise and services.

Why Choose Landscape By Design?

The end result is everything…
But so is the experience!

Unrivalled Service

We guide you through the experience, every step of the way and beyond, from your first meeting through to completion and maintenance.

Beautiful Experience

At Landscape By Design, we create beautiful landscapes and beautiful experiences. You will enjoy the whole process from start to finish.

Passion For Perfection

Our passion for your landscape starts with a passion for beautiful gardens. We love your outdoor space as much as you do and are committed to perfection.


We get to know you and focus on your individuality when creating your unique space. We firmly believe that the ideal landscape should be a true reflection of its owners.

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Our Landscaping Team

At Landscape By Design, our primary objective is to consistently work to the highest quality levels possible. We strive to set the standard for designing and creating useful, creative and attractive outdoor spaces. We communicate with our clients before and during each step of the process.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand to answer any questions you have at any step of the process. You will find the staff at Landscape By Design to be responsive, friendly and receptive to your questions.

We treat every client as an individual. When you decide to work with us, you can be assured that we will treat your outdoor space as if it was our own. We are not another heartless corporate company and we believe that our level of service illustrates this. We pride ourselves on quality in all that we do. Our company motto is ‘built to last’ because our workmanship will last and be enjoyed for many years to come.


Matthew Stone

General Manager

Matthew has incredible management skills and makes sure that all the components of your project comes together in a systematic and cohesive manner. He manages all the day to day operations which is complemented by his vast experience of the industry. With a Bachelors Degree in design, a diploma in leadership and management and an extensive history in the Perth landscaping space, he is perfectly suited to manage your landscaping project with passion, promptness and professionalism.


Rob Hinton

Design Manager

Rob in our international landscaping sensation. With over 20 years landscaping experience working on high-end project across the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Rob’s work speaks for itself. His passion for unique and inspiring projects is reflected in his approach to landscaping. When you work with Rob you’ll get to see first-hand his knowledge and design ideas that he will share though the planning stages of the project.


Jasmine Wilson

Landscape Designer

Jasmine is a landscape designer that has a unique perspective that many in the industry cannot offer. Jasmine has both construction/site knowledge and an incredible ability to design. When starting out studying landscape design, Jasmine decided to that it was best to start her journey on-site learning how landscaping projects are installed. Once you start the design process with Jasmine it’s clear to see that she knows her craft inside and out. She’s creative and passionate and loves helping you create your perfect outdoor space.


Zane Liebenberg


Zane starting his landscaping career when he was just 18 alongside Wiremu. He is our trusted site supervisor who has perfected our construction processes to ensure every project runs smoothly, on-time and delivered to exceed your expectations. Zane will bring your project from a concept into reality. He has an eye for quality and ensures our high quality standards are met at every step of the way.


Ben migro

Construction Leading Hand

Ben has a Cert 5 in Horticulture and over 20 years in the landscaping industry. With over a decade working in nurseries his knowledge of plants and vegetation allows for great-looking and practical garden design. He has many installation projects under his belt and is passionate about creating an impressive garden transformation. Ben is driven by a desire to create an end-result that makes people say WOW.