Decking Perth

Decking Perth

Decking is a wonderful ‘lifestyle’ concept that basically extends your inside living area to the outdoors where you can socialise, relax and entertain. It’s also true that decking makes your home look great too!

Is Decking is Right for Your Outdoor Space?

If you’ve been considering decking for a while, we’ve highlighted the following benefits to help you to make up your mind:

  • Adds value to your home. Having a great-looking outdoor space can add value to your home if you’re considering selling it in the future.
  • Easy to maintain. Timber decking is easy to look after and hard wearing. It won’t break or crack easily and will last for many years.
  • Makes your outdoor space look great. Well-installed decking brings out the best in your garden. Decking creates a unique look to your garden. It creates an added dimension of interest.
  • Great for socialising. Just get out your table, chairs and cushions and enjoy yourself. No more getting muddy feet by entertaining on grass!
  • Masks garden issues. Decking is perfect for installing over problem areas of your outdoor space such as rocky patches and dried out grass.
Decking Perth Landscape By Design
Perth Decking Landscape By Design Pool

Decking Design and Installation

It’s true that decking can be an interesting DIY project for those who enjoy construction, but why bother going to all that hassle? Leave your project in the hands of the professionals here at Landscape By Design. We will build your decking cost-effectively and with safety at the forefront of your project. We fully guarantee all our labour, working with only the best materials available to make your vision come to life.

At Landscape By Design, we work with you to unlock the potential of your outdoor space, creating practical, great-looking solutions when you need them.

Garden Decking & Pool Decking Specialists

When you’re looking at transforming your outdoor space, decking comes highly recommended. The right decking can create an entirely new look and feel in your garden or around your pool area. If you are considering having a patio or deck in your garden or surrounding your pool, this is down to your personal choice. It’s true that decking looks more natural and blends in with the look of your garden a little more than a patio. However, both options are a great choice.

Perth Pool Decking Landscape By Design

Dynamic & Realistic Designs

We can create unique, dynamic and creative designs that are practical and realistic within your budget and constraints.

Attention To Detail

We take on limited projects to ensure the greatest attention to detail, we don’t over extend ourselves so we can provide you the greatest results and experience possible.

Passionate & Professional

We are a small, well established firm that genuinely love what we do (as cliché as it sounds). We treat your project as though it was our own backyard.

A Complete Solution

We can create unique, dynamic and creative designs that are practical and realistic within your budget and constraints.

Easy & Cost Effective Landscaping Solution

Working with Landscape By Design was easy and cost effective. Wiremu and his team helped me plan out my vision from concept to completion. Now going into my backyard is like stepping into my own personal retreat!

— Susan, WA

Landscape By Design Goes The Extra Mile

I have never used a professional landscaping company before and I must say, this experience has been fantastic! There are so many good things about Landscape By Design. They worked with me to find a solution within my budget. They go the extra mile!

— Dan, WA