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Pool landscaping changes a pleasant outdoor area into an amazing one. Landscape By Design provide imaginative, innovative and reliable pool landscaping services.

Perth Pool Landscape Design & Construction

A beautifully presented pool area makes an incredible focal point in your garden. This is why pool landscaping is always best left to the experts. At Landscape By Design we know how important your garden and pool area are to you. For this reason, you’re always at the centre of communications regarding your pool landscaping project. We take the time to listen to you and to help you achieve a pool area you can be proud of.

Your swimming pool is a place to have fun and to enjoy yourself. It’s also one of the most eye-catching features a garden can have. This is why we offer so many inventive hardscaping and landscaping options to choose from.

We’re sure you have plenty of pool landscaping ideas of your own. With that in mind, why not call us today and we can work together on designing your perfect pool area?

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Beautifully Crafted Poolscape.

There is no experience quite as satisfying as slipping into the pool on a hot day. It’s made even better still when that pool’s your own. What makes the entire scenario perfect is enjoying your pool in beautifully tailored landscaping. Here, at Landscape By Design, we can create the perfect poolside sanctuary of your dreams. We can add spaces for entertaining, a low-maintenance garden and much more.

Rather than trying to landscape your poolside yourself, it’s worth leaving it to the professionals. We’ve many years of experience in poolscaping and all our designs and builds meet Australian safety regulations. We can meet and often exceed your expectations with a beautiful contemporary or classic design.

Pool Design Considerations

There’s lots to consider when you’re installing a pool. Your pool will receive heavy use when the weather is good. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on the pool you want and, just as importantly, the surroundings of the pool. You don’t want to ruin your lawn with water splashing from your pool. The starting point of a great pool area is therefore the design.

When you involve a professional team, your pool will fully complement the surroundings and vice versa. We welcome your input throughout the design process. We’ll work with you to design a unique pool that’s in line with your budget and that will be built in the perfect area of your garden. We make the most of available space and create the outdoor recreation area of your dreams.

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