How to Choose a Landscape Designer Or Landscaping Company and Save You Time & Money

how to choose a landscape designer or landscaping company

With long and hot summers and plenty of sunny days year-round, Perth prides itself on its gorgeous outdoor spaces teeming with greenery. Whether you need to style your own backyard or a garden surrounding your office building, landscape design is crucial. Organising space, choosing appropriate plants and installing a reticulation system isn’t easy. The design […]

Commercial Landscape Designs

commercial landscape designs

Great landscape design can make your commercial property more attractive and liveable while helping people engage with your business. Dramatic entrances, soothing garden spaces, beautiful green walls and spectacular water features can accentuate the architecture and create tranquil surroundings people will want to spend time at. It can turn out to be a fantastic investment […]

Landscaping For Bushfires

landscaping for bushfires 1

The entire Perth area can be subject to the threat of bushfires, but you can minimise the risks and reduce the effect of direct flame contact by making a smart landscape design. Choosing the right plants, trees and turf is crucial, but it is also important to keep them separate and far from the house […]

Landscaping Your Terrace or Courtyard

backyard designer wa

Are you looking for creative ways to create or transform a small terrace or courtyard and enjoy a dazzling outdoor living space? Picture a wooden deck and a pergola adorned with trailing florals and greenery… Or imagine a cosy outdoor space with a water feature and screening plants… Tiny spaces are convenient because they are […]

The Basic Principles of Landscape Design

brick wall couryard

Whether you want to give your old garden a fresh makeover or build a new one, knowing the basic principles of landscape design will help you put all the elements together. Your creation can be as wild and as unique as you want it to be as long as you respect some general rules. They […]

Garden Landscape Design – 10 Tips to Design a Beautiful Garden Landscape

landscape design perth 16

Imagine a breathtaking lounge with a sun-drenched pool and a wooden deck alongside a gorgeous pergola that offers a perfect shade and shelter from the rain… We know it is easier said than done, so we decided to share these pro tips to help you make the most of your outdoor space! Step 1: Note […]

Choosing a Landscaping Design Company

perth garden design

A lush garden brimming with vibrant vegetation is a beautiful addition to your home. Just imagine a sweeping green lawn flanked with trees, flowers and deck chairs where you can spend days reading books, drinking cocktails and enjoying life. Or picture a tranquil swimming pool and a sun deck surrounded by palm trees … But […]

Garden Landscaping Design – The Basic Elements Explained

Landscape by designs residential homes

You know, designing a garden looks easy. All you need to do is stick in a few plants, a lawn and maybe a pool and decking area and that’s that…if only things were that easy! In an ideal world, we’d all be born with an innate, inbuilt talent for garden landscaping, but the truth is […]

So, You Want to Become a Landscaping Perth Professional

Soil for Gardening

If you’re a creative problem-solver who loves hanging out outdoors, then you may have been considering a career in Perth landscaping. Let’s face it – we have the right climate for it! However, there’s a whole lot more to top-class landscaping than simply spending time outside. With this in mind, we’ve put together this quick […]

What You Can Expect to Gain from Landscaping

landscape designer perth

An attractive residential landscape design will go far to improve the appearance, value, function and environmental quality of your outdoor space. In Perth we are lucky enough to enjoy an incredible climate that lends itself well to alfresco living. So, you’ll find that you can enjoy spending hours on end in your newly created garden. […]