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Landscape Architecture and Design in Perth, WA

Here, at Landscape By Design, we believe in consistently working to the highest quality levels possible. We are the local experts in landscape architecture and in Perth landscape design. Although both these terms sound rather different, the truth is that they mean more or less the same thing. Of course, when we speak of ‘architecture’ it sounds very professional and important, perhaps even more so than the term ‘designer’.

In terms of legalities, some professionals have to call themselves landscape designers because of certain laws that prevent them from referring to themselves as architects because they don’t have a landscape architecture level of license. Because of these qualifications, qualified landscape architects tend to cost significantly more than landscape designers.

If you’re looking for someone to focus mostly on aspects such as structural engineering, then a landscape architect is your best bet. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a team to work more on the artistic aspects of your yard, then a landscape designer is for you. Here, at Landscape By Design we offer all these services and more. Whether you’re looking for a design-focussed end result or you’re more interested in something structural, landscapers Perth-based Landscape By Design is the team to trust!

We specialise in the following main areas – garden design, landscape engineering, landscape management, landscape urbanism, landscape planning, landscape engineering, landscape assessment and more. So, whether you are looking for garden landscaping, pool landscaping, paving services, decking, pergolas, patios, brick boundary fencing or decking installers Perth, Perth-based Landscape By Design is the local choice.

We treat our clients as individuals. We tailor every quote and every job to suit your specific needs. When you decide to work in tandem with us, we will treat your yard as though it is our own. We believe in offering the highest levels of service possible in terms of our landscape architecture and design.

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