Why Timber Decking is So Popular in Perth

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Our Perth climate is truly amazing in terms of outdoor living. Whether we are out enjoying the beach, sport, outdoor concerts or just going about our daily lives enjoying our own gardens, we love to just chill and enjoy ourselves. Perth residents tend to live outdoors when it’s warm outside (and sometimes when it’s cooler too!) So, it stands to reason that when you’re hoping to enjoy your own outdoor space, you’ll be looking for the best decking installers Perth.

Decking is the ‘lifestyle’ product that never goes out of fashion. It’s no wonder because it effectively extends your inside living space to the outside of your home. Decking is perfect for enjoying all your home comforts outdoors. You can even decorate it with soft furnishings and atmospheric lighting when the weather is good!

When you’re on the lookout for landscapers Perth WA, Perth Landscape Design specialists Landscape By Design have all the tools and know-how necessary to create you the welcoming, useful and long-lasting decking you’ve always hoped for.

The Importance of a Quality Decking Product

Decking in Perth is a common sight. However, what is somewhat uncommon is to find decking that has been expertly installed by people who know exactly what they are doing. Often, inexperienced ‘professionals’ and DIY enthusiasts alike attempt to install decking. Perhaps some strike lucky whereas many times, the entire project needs to be started all over again.

Thankfully, Landscape By Design is the local expert in Perth landscape design. We pride ourselves on having the in-depth experience and knowledge of decking installation to create the perfect end result for each and every one of our satisfied customers.

The Benefits of Decking in Perth

If you’ve been thinking about having decking installed for a while, what are you waiting for? Decking boasts a full range of benefits to you and your home, including:

  • Decking is easy to maintain. Good quality timber decking doesn’t crack or break easily. It’s simple to take care of as well as being hard wearing.
  • Decking adds value to your home. When your outdoor space looks great, it adds value to your home if you’re planning on selling it.
  • Decking looks great. There is a clean uniform aspect to decking that is pretty unique. It creates a unique focal point in your entertaining or relaxing space.
  • Decking is brilliant for socialising. Because it’s flat, decking makes the perfect entertaining space and dance floor!
  • Decking never gets muddy. If you hate the feeling of the lawn (or even worse – a muddy lawn) underneath your feet, then decking is just what you’re looking for!

Here in Perth, we love to entertain and to be entertained. We also adore our brilliant way of outdoor life. If you want to know more about the wide range of decking options we offer here at Landscape By Design, simply get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team today. Together, we can create the landscape of your dreams!

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