Designing a Small Garden

Designing A Small Garden

You might not have thought it, but a small Perth garden is often a blessing in disguise. It’s easy to take care of compared to its larger counterparts. Additionally, it takes a lot less time to maintain too. Here, we look at some advice, tips and tricks to keep your diminutive outdoor space looking great throughout the year.

Keep it Simple

When you’re thinking of Perth landscaping, keeping things simple in a smaller garden is one rule to adhere to. Try opting for bold geometric shapes for the lawn and patio. Alternatively, you could go for straight lines as these are simple to get right. Curves are best left to bigger spaces.

In terms of flooring, try not to use more than three different types of materials. For example: gravel, grass and decking. This will maintain a sense of consistency and a flow throughout your yard.

It’s also a good idea to be consistent with your use of colours. A complementary palette that’s based around a few shades works best in confined spaces. This goes for plants, furniture, paint, accessories – everything!

Consider Your Lighting

Lighting is crucial to your outdoor space whatever its size, however, it is often overlooked. You can light aspects such as the paths, sitting areas and steps. It’s also a great idea to light any stand-out features such as attractive trees and water features. You want your garden to look as good at night as it does by day.

Garden Furniture

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting out in your garden. If you enjoy spending lots of time outdoors, then it’s important to give lots of thought to your outdoor furniture. Perhaps you enjoy eating outside so you’ll need to create a small outside dining room. Maybe you prefer the idea of just relaxing on an outdoor sofa? Whatever your preference, remember to take the time of day each area of your yard gets the sun so you can place your furnishings to suit.

Privacy Matters

Smaller gardens are often overlooked by other houses. So, to give your Perth landscaping some privacy, a line of trellis with attractive trailing plants along the top looks beautiful as well as being practical. You could also plant a specifically placed shrub or small tree if you’d prefer. Additionally, when it comes to planning out your sitting area, why not put it in a private corner of your yard?

Speak to the Professionals

Planning out your small garden can be time-consuming and just generally difficult to do. You need to make the best use of every last centimetre of space. If you’re at a loss to how to create the yard of your dreams perhaps you should call in the services of a professional. When you’re looking for a landscape designer, Perth-company Landscape By Design is a leader in our field. We strive to set the standard for designing and creating creative, useful and attractive outdoor spaces. Our skilled, knowledgeable team enjoys a challenge so no matter the size of your smaller garden, we will create a space you will enjoy for many years to come.

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