7 Perth Home Landscaping Rules Never to Break

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The space outside your home is so important. Think about it. It’s the first aspect of your house that visitors see when they arrive at your door. So, to convey the right impression, it’s crucial to have the right landscaping. Perth is a beautiful area to live in and with this in mind we’ve put together some Perth landscaping rules you should be careful never to break!

Never overdevelop your garden

Resist  the temptation to add too many dimensions and ‘things’ to your space. You want your yard to be an enjoyable space rather than a cluttered and confusing one. Less is definitely more when it comes to creating a beautiful relaxing outdoor space.

Always choose the right plants

When you’re thinking about Perth landscape design ideas, you should always take the climate into consideration when you’re selecting plants. Don’t work against nature by planting trees, bushes and flowers that are just not suited to living in WA. Your landscape should be beautiful and flourishing , not dead and dying.

Trust the professionals

To completely change your entire landscape or if you have a job to do that’s pretty complicated, don’t do it yourself. Instead, ask the experts here at Landscape By Design. We can tell you everything you need to know about landscape designer Perth work. We know what works best and where and can provide you with excellent design advice.

Focus on shade

When you’re planning out your garden it’s important to give some thought to where your garden gets shade and light throughout the day. This is so that you can put structures and plants in the right locations.

Be realistic about maintenance

When you’re adding different aspects to your garden, be honest with yourself about the amount of work you’re prepared to undertake. If you’re not keen on gardening, will you really feel like taking care of lots of flowerbeds?

Take good care of your lawn

You might think that grass is just grass and it grows no matter what. However, you need to actively take care of your lawn year after year. Get into the habit of seeding and aerating your lawn at least once every 12 months (spring is a good time for this.) You’ll see the difference in your lawn within weeks!

Keep sloping surfaces angled away from your house

Make sure that patios and any other hard surfaces angle towards your building. You don’t want rainwater to be directed into the basement or foundation!

So, there you have it, seven landscaping rules you should never break. Although small jobs around the garden are easy enough to do by yourself, the team at Landscape By Design is always here to help. No job is too big or too small for our talented and experienced team. We can help with all aspects of landscape design, from the initial planning to job completion and future maintenance. For more information and for a free no obligation quote, simply get in touch at your convenience.

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