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There is so much more to landscape design and gardening than dirt, digging and even more dirt! Creating a beautiful garden that flows from one area to the next takes a lot of hard work even though the end result should seem effortless.

The team at landscape designers Perth-based Landscape By Design work far beyond the traditional practical elements of gardening such as growing veggies and fruit. Instead, their focus is on the decorative aspects of a beautiful garden that’s well laid out and a joy to spend time in. Think interior design for the exterior of a home!

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some tried and tested landscaping techniques and ideas to give you some inspiration.

Install Outdoor Seating

Being able to enjoy the great outdoors is just one of the many gifts we’re blessed with here in Perth. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting outside enjoying some rays on a beautiful, bright and sunshiney day. What makes life even better is when you bring some friends over for a get-together or a barbecue. That’s when outdoor entertaining really comes into its own!

There are many and varied ways to create a great outdoor seating area. So much of the actual set up is down to personal choice and taste. You may wish to have a patio created along with atmospheric lighting, strategic planting, screens, outdoor furniture and so on. Or how about a beautiful gazebo? Designed well and imaginatively, this can be a real talking point when friends come over. It’s also a good way to create a covered seating area to enjoy all year round. When you design your landscape well, it acts as an extension of your home allowing the indoors to meld seamlessly with the outdoors.

Plant With a Year-Round Approach

It can be tempting to choose landscaping Perth plants that you feel drawn to but that are only in season for a few months at a time. That’s okay so long as you don’t rely on these to make your space look amazing. You need to plant in a way that there is always something of interest to look at all year round.

Landscape designers Perth company Landscape By Design will create eye-catching ornamental landscaping throughout your yard, incorporating areas with all-weather plants that will look beautiful throughout the seasons.

Create a Walkway

Creating a walkway in your garden is a perfect method of highlighting areas of interest. It’s simply a wonderful feeling when you’re strolling through your outdoor space simply enjoying the views even when the ground is muddy and wet. You can also try planting ornamental shrubs, flowers and/or solar lights along either side of your path for that added ‘wow’ factor. You could even use coloured gravel to create a different look.

The experienced staff at Landscape By Design know all there is to about Landscaping Perth-wide. No job is too small or too complicated for our experienced team. To create the best landscaping Perth designs, get in touch today.

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