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Rosemary Verey, the late, acclaimed English garden designer, once said, “True gardening is as much about the bones of a garden as its planting.” You know something? She was completely right. All too often we only think about the plants we would like to see in our yards, completely forgetting about the actual framework of the space. When you think about it, there are not many gardens that would look ‘right’ or that would be properly functional without garden landscaping. Perth residents who are in the know are ones who think about and plan their gardens in advance.

You can easily spot a yard that’s had little planning put into it. Yes, it might look okay from a distance, but is the space being put to its best use? If you want your yard to be beautiful, functional and generally appealing, it’s crucial to put as much work as you can into your surroundings. Additionally, if the time ever comes to sell up and move on to pastures new, you can use your wonderfully designed yard as a great selling point!

First Things First – Analyse Everything

The initial aspect to focus on when it comes to your Perth landscape design is analysis. You need to have a good objective look at your space so you can figure out any advantages and disadvantages of the area. You need to be brutally honest with yourself so you can create the garden of your dreams. Jot down a rough plan as you go remembering that you can always make changes whenever you need to.

It’s helpful to think about what you’ll be using your yard for so that everything comes together on paper initially. Create your garden accordingly. For example, if you have children, they could seriously benefit from having their own play area. Perhaps an entertaining space is another aspect you could work into the plan. And, what about your swimming pool? You see, this is why planning is so incredibly important. Once you have a plan, you’re all set!

Plant According to Climate

The success of your garden depends on many factors working together – climate being one of these. When you plant with the climate, soil type and local plant types in mind, you will never go wrong. You’ll also encourage local insects, pollinators and wildlife which can only be a good thing!

Create a Relaxing Space

The beauty of having an amazing garden is being able to just kick back and relax in it. When you consider landscape design Perth, you need to also bear in mind that you’re taking on a mountain of hard work should you try to do the job yourself. We’re serious. We do this for a living so you can believe us when we tell you that it’s heavy, difficult work. You need to be a designer, a gardener, a builder and everything else in between.

Landscape By Design is the team of garden designers Perth people trust with their land. Get in touch today so we can show you why we’re so highly thought of!

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