Garden Landscape Design – 10 Tips to Design a Beautiful Garden Landscape

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Imagine a breathtaking lounge with a sun-drenched pool and a wooden deck alongside a gorgeous pergola that offers a perfect shade and shelter from the rain… We know it is easier said than done, so we decided to share these pro tips to help you make the most of your outdoor space!

Step 1: Note the Natural Features of Your Garden Space

The first tip is to inspect the site and note the key features. Is it a sprawling green lawn, a bushland garden or a small backyard? Is there enough space for a sun deck? Your new landscape plan should make the most of the space, position, light, shades and plants you already have.

Step 2: Consider Your Surroundings

The type of garden designers Perth locals love working with, will know exactly how to create a breathable space adjusted to WA climate. In addition to gorgeous open-air spaces which are perfect for pools, outdoor showers and sun decks, you need a secure roofed space which is protected from rain, wind and harsh sun.

Step 3: Divide Space into Segments

Think about ways you can organise your outdoor space to make it suitable for all different purposes. You may need a playground area for kids and an outdoor dining area. Or you might need a versatile and multifaceted space which can be used as a home office space, outdoor living room and a play area for children. Whatever your needs, it is essential to organise space wisely.

Step 4: Utilise Natural Light

Light is a very important element of your garden landscaping. In fact, all other elements should be organised around it because it essentially defines how each of the areas will be used. An east-facing deck is perfect for serving breakfast, while the north-facing upper deck is more suitable for entertainment.

Step 5: Choose the Right Materials

Experts in garden landscaping Perth-wide can help you pick the best materials that blend well with the design of your house. The key is to incorporate elements that mimic the architecture such as timber decking, brick fences or sandstone paving. You can play with strong contrasts, but it’s always a good idea to repeat some of the features of your home. Using the same materials will do the trick!

Step 6: Think About Proportions

The idea is to create a functional space which can serve for many purposes and satisfy all members of your family. For example, you don’t want a huge swimming pool that will occupy 70% of your garden or a gigantic tree that will block all of the sunlight. Take measuring seriously and utilise every inch of space you have.

Step 7: Choose the Right Plants

Weather in Perth can be harsh, and some plants may be too difficult for maintenance. The best specialists in landscaping Perth has to offer can assist you in finding the most suitable varieties of trees, shrubs, flowers and culinary herbs.

Step 8: Add Artificial Lighting

Artificial lighting will enhance your outdoor space and make your garden beautiful when the sun goes down. Make sure to illuminate dark corners and narrow pathways and add enough light to areas you’ll be using for work or alfresco dining.

Step 9: Pick Garden Furniture and Accessories Wisely

Garden furniture and decorations are important, but you don’t want space that feels cluttered or out of sync with the natural surroundings. This is why you need to consult designers to help you hand-pick functional pieces that will blend into the landscape.

Step 10: Make a Detailed Plan

If you want a truly beautiful garden, crafting a detailed and well-thought-through plan is crucial. From decking and paving to flower beds and gorgeous water features, all the details have to be connected together, creating a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

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