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Whether your Perth yard is well established or is a completely blank canvas, there’s always room for improvement. You may desperately want to update your outdoor space and are at a complete loss as to how to go about this. Redesigning your garden can be daunting. What do you take out? What do you put in? These and so many other questions will be running through your mind. What you need to do is to take everything step by step and to create a list of everything you plan to do.

Every outdoor space is different as is every individual taste. What might work for a friend’s yard may not work for yours or you just might not like it. It’s, therefore, impossible to come up with an exact formula when it comes to landscaping Perth yards. However, these tips can help you move your project in the right direction.

First Things First – What Do You Want to Keep?

Take an inventory of everything in your yard. Is there anything you wish to keep? Is there something you want to move? Perhaps you want to start all over again. However you see your outdoor space, knowing what you want to keep and where is a good start in terms of your landscaping Perth.

Consider the Necessary Landscaping

It often takes the professional eye of landscape designers Perth to pinpoint what landscaping is truly necessary. You need to take slopes and different levels into consideration. Should you put in retaining walls to create different levels? Adding these can create depth in your yard – especially if it’s a pretty flat space. Perhaps you would like a sunken area where you can enjoy some privacy in your yard? A professional landscaper will help you understand how to best work with what you have.

Necessary landscaping also includes all the boring stuff such as a place for a washing line, somewhere to put your bins, pathways and so on. As well as looking great, your yard needs to be practical too.

Think About the Practicalities

Before you even begin to think about the aesthetic details, the practical elements your style will revolve around need to be planned. Think about are how you wish to use your yard. If your focus is on entertaining and enjoying spending time with family and friends, then you’ll want to focus on seating. Then, you’ll need to ascertain what type of seating you need. For example, formal, lounge, swing etc.

If you have children, you’ll perhaps want to incorporate a play area into the mix. If you enjoy cooking, then a barbecue and a herb garden could be more your thing. At Landscape By Design we have many years’ experience as landscape designers. Perth people love to incorporate a swimming pool into their outdoor living space, so this is something else to consider.

Define Each Area

Defining the actual areas to incorporate into your yard is difficult. Try sketching out some ideas that you can either action yourself or ask a landscaping company to help with. Check out landscaping ideas online to help you come up with some inspiration. Also, working with a professional company can be very useful as they will be experienced and knowledgeable.

Contact Landscape By Design

Once you have some ideas in mind or even if you don’t – get in touch with the foremost landscaping designers Perth-based Landscape By Design! We look forward to working with you to create your perfect outdoor space.

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