How to Incorporate Natural Stone Into Your Landscaping

How To Incorporate Natural Stone Into Your Landscaping

Landscaping design Perth takes a great deal of hard work and planning. There’s so much more to think about than the plants. You also need to take into account pool surrounds, seating areas, pathways and so on that need to be situated on hard surfaces. It’s a nice idea to consider installing unique surfaces in your yard such as natural stone paving rather than using the usual options like composite pavers and exposed aggregate. Unique natural stone give your outdoor space a ‘wow’ factor that you just don’t get with other materials.

Perth landscapers such as Landscape By Design often use limestone, bluestone, travertine and granite because they look great, are cost effective and very versatile. These are available in a number of formats including square pavers, rectangular pavers, cobblestones and more. They are also available in uniform thicknesses as well as in honed, sawn and tumbled finishes.


Limestone is a favourite of Perth landscapers. It tends to come in lighter cream and sometimes light grey tones and usually comes in a tumbled finish. This gives it an aged appearance that can add real charm and a focal point to your outdoor space. Limestone is a very interesting natural stone as it can sometimes contain fossils.


Another favourite of Perth landscapers, bluestone is an attractive grey volcanic stone that has earthy undertones. This very durable and strong stone is ideal for use in a multitude of projects. Bluestone has small holes throughout its surface, known as ‘cat’s paws’ and comes in a wide range of formats. Organic bluestone steppers are popular as they give an informal natural look to an outdoor space.


Like limestone, travertine is a sedimentary stone that’s light to deep cream-coloured. Travertine can sometimes have small holes in its surface that can be filled with grout if you would prefer that look. This stone lends itself well to being square-cut or for an aged look it can be supplied tumbled.


Granite is a durable, strong volcanic stone that comes in a wide range of colours from very light to charcoal grey. It’s even possible to source granite with red tones too. Perth landscapers tend to use granite for pool surrounds in particular because with the right finish it offers good slip resistance.

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Whether you are going to undertake your own landscape design or are working with a landscaping designer, it’s crucial to spend some time thinking about the existing materials and colours in your outdoor space. Your yard will look its best when you select paving materials that complement what you already have.

Another crucial consideration with natural stone is that it needs to be correctly sealed and protected from the weather, pool chemicals and potential stains. Your stones must also be laid on the correct carefully prepared surface. For more helpful advice on installation and on the best stone to use in your yard it’s worth having a chat with Perth landscapers Landscape By Design.

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