How to Landscape Your Perth Investment Property

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Owning a second property is a wonderful way to make some extra money. The best way to boost the value of your Perth investment property is to focus on your garden landscaping. Perth-based Landscape By Design is the premier landscaping company here in WA. We have written this short blog to help you make the most of your landscaping to increase your property value.

There are, of course, various different ways to achieve a higher property value. However, it has to be noted that the exterior of your property is the first thing people see when they come to check it out. Remember that first impressions count so you want to have a beautifully manicured garden with diverse plant life as well as some hardscaping such as pergolas and gazebos. Your aim should be to create an outdoor space that’s as exciting and eye-catching as your investment home’s interior.

Design Strategically 

Before you do anything else you need to have a solid design strategy. There is no point in just planting here and there without thinking things through first. Bear in mind that the best landscape is one that is balanced and that has a mix of perennials and shrubs. A uniform look with a little diversity for visual appeal is best. Remember to think of aspects such as wooden or brick fencing. Perth homes generally have great landscaping so there’s plenty of inspiration out there.

Think About the Seasons 

A great garden is one that looks good all year round. So, you want different flowers, shrubs and trees that look good at different times of the year. When landscaping, Perth homeowners can have a stronger investment if they can keep a balance as the seasons change.

Match Your Landscape to Your Home 

It’s a great idea to have a landscape that fits in with the style of your home. You want to achieve a consistent seamless flow from indoors to outdoors. If you have sleek, modern interior design for example, you’ll want this to flow through to your garden in terms of simple and stylish planting.

Pergolas and Gazebos 

Pergolas and gazebos make your property investment look great. However, they do take some maintenance and care so that they continue to look great over the years. You’ll need to preserve the wood by coating it with a waterproof sealer every few years. It’s well worth it though as this prevents damage like cracks and warps.

An investment property is a wonderful way of making yourself money. Although it takes time, financial commitment and energy to get the property looking perfect, it’s well worth the effort when you see your return on it. Here, at Landscape By Design Perth, we provide a wide range of landscaping services to create a garden you can be proud of. Simply call us and we will come out to you to discuss your needs. Let our friendly, professional and qualified team help make your landscaping vision a reality.

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