Timber, Paving or Tiles?

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When it comes to creating your ultimate garden space for entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment, choosing the right outdoor surfaces is essential. Do you prefer timber, tiles or classic pavers like brick, sandstone, terracotta and concrete? Decking oozes coastal chic, while tiles are decorative and easier to maintain, and natural stones are extremely durable. Each material has advantages, so here is what you need to consider before you make the final decision!

The Theme and Style of Your Garden

For paving contractors Perth-wide, aesthetics is crucial! Australia’s sunniest city is blessed with balmy weather year-round, and you are bound to spend a lot of the time in our outdoor living area. You want to create space that exudes harmony and has a distinct style. If you are going for the beachside hotel vibe, classic decking is ideal. Flanked with tropical plants, your timber decks are perfect for poolside areas or enclosed shaded outdoor spaces, terraces and balconies. The best alternative to decking Perth locals love? You can pick tiles designed to mimic timber or opt for sandstone paving which also has a distinct seaside feel. If you prefer a more classic garden style, you can choose from a variety of tiling and paving options that are complimenting the natural surroundings and architecture of your home. Mediterranean estates typically feature ceramic tiles, cottage-inspired backyards often feature gravel and Australian native gardens can be styled with a variety of natural materials.


Your garden deserves the best paving services Perth has to offer! It is essential to choose sturdy and weather-proof materials which can withstand extreme heat, heavy rains, and strong winds. It is also important to choose an adequate flooring option for different areas of your garden. While timber can fade if constantly exposed to sun, it is a great choice for a shady spot. Bricks can bring texture and character to your backyard, but they can get very hot on a summer day. On the other hand, natural stone pavers are ideal for sun-drenched patios and poolside areas because they tend to be cooler when it is hot outside.

Maintenance & Durability

While decking is more attractive, especially if you want to create a breath-taking resort-like ambience, paving requires much less maintenance. Decking is easier to build and cheaper to install, but timber doesn’t have the desired durability. You’ll need to oil it twice a year and ensure that it is clean and protected from moisture at all times. Decking installers Perth-wide recommend regular maintenance to keep you deck looking fabulous year round. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain, but they might easily chip. When choosing them, you should look for thicker and larger blocks made from sturdy materials. The majority of natural stone pavers are extremely sturdy and long-lasting. Most importantly, they won’t get too hot when exposed to direct sunlight, and they are less likely to fade away and lose their beautiful colour over time.  

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