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Whether you want to redesign your old garden or build one from scratch, waterwise landscaping is always a good idea. From choosing specific plants to improving your soil and installing self-sustaining fountains, here is what you can do to reduce your water usage.

Use Natives and Hardy Plants

Many Australian natives don’t require a lot of water. Whether you want a coastal-style, cottage-style, traditional, formal, contemporary or boho-chic garden, you can recreate any style using locally loved waterwise plants. If you are not sure which plants are hardy and can stand extreme heat, heavy rain or strong winds, look for experts in residential landscaping Perth-wide because experienced professionals can tell you which natives work best for your type of soil and your specific area. Some plants will need more water than others but you can water your plants more efficiently by making sure you monitor the weather forecast and perform regular checks to ensure your reticulation works properly. Using chunky, waterwise mulch for your garden plants is also a great idea because it keeps the soil moist much longer. Some of the best hardy plants you can use for your outdoor space include

• Flax Lily
• Geraldton Wax
• Bottle Brush
• Mat Rush
• Boronia
• Banksia

Opt for Self-Sustaining Water Features

One of the best ways to enhance your backyard is with a stunning water feature. When looking for a ‘landscaper near me’, make sure they are happy to work with you to find the perfect waterwise solution for your garden. A beautiful self-contained fountain that recycles water can be the centrepiece of our outdoor area, or it can be a fantastic showpiece in one of the quiet corners surrounded by trees and shrubs.

Be Waterwise with Your Pool

The unique style of landscaping Perth locals are typically choosing is based around the idea of a spacious backyard with a swimming pool, sun deck and an alfresco area. Who doesn’t enjoy spending sizzling summers outside in one big open-air living room! But maintaining an outdoor pool requires a lot of water. Here is what you can do use water wisely, minimise waste and reduce bills:

• Build a smaller pool to reduce water waste and get more space for alfresco dining, sports and entertainment areas
• Use the cover to preserve the water in the pool and keep it clean longer
• Top up your pool with water from the rainwater tank
• Regularly check your pool pump and plumbing for leaks

Make the Most of Shade and Sunlight

If you want to minimise water usage with a waterwise garden, it really pays off to invest in the best landscaper Perth has to offer. An experienced designer can tell you not only which plants to use and where to plant them, but also how to organise your outdoor space to utilise both sunlight and shade in an optimal way. The key is to divide the entire garden into zones. Some of them might require more water, while others might not need any reticulation.

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