Aphids – How to Deal with a Garden Invasion

Dealing With Aphids

Aphids are probably the bane of your life if you’re a gardener. If you see just one of these horrible little creatures in your garden there are sure to be hundreds and probably thousands more following after. You see, aphids come in huge numbers so before you know it, your beautiful, thriving garden begins to fall apart. Thankfully, there are some ways that people in the know can combat these pests before they take hold in a garden.

Use Your Eyes

Keeping an eye on your plants to make sure there are no aphids around is the obvious way to watch for an infestation. You want to be checking the underside of leaves because if aphids are present, they tend to be found here. Additionally, be on the lookout for sooty mould, honeydew deposits and yellow leaves.

Plant Cleverly

Be sure to plant flowers and plants that attract lacewings and ladybugs that love to prey on aphids. Fennel, mint, dill and brightly coloured flowers are perfect for this.

Organic Aphid Killer

There are tons of organic traps and sprays on the market that deal with aphid infestations without ever having to use any harmful chemicals. These take care of your problem quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

So, there you have it. There are many ways you can ensure your garden is aphid-free and that your plants stay healthy and looking great. You should only ever use pesticides when you have exhausted all of the above options because these can cause damage to both plants and wildlife as well as to aphids. Contact Perth landscapers Landscape By Design for more garden advice and enquiries.

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