Top Garden Trends for Summer 2019

Top Garden Trends For Summer 2019

Here in WA we are lucky enough to enjoy some amazing weather in the summer. When it’s hot, it’s HOT and that means just one thing – getting outside and enjoying your yard. There is truly nothing more fun than inviting a few friends over for a barbecue and a few drinks as you soak up some rays. It stands to reason that your backyard should be an inviting space that you can truly enjoy spending time in. So,  let’s take a look at some Perth Landscape Design trends for 2019.

Install a Pergola

As you know, our summers are incredibly hot and when those temperatures soar, what do you look for? Shade! So, putting up a pergola is a great way of being able to enjoy your backyard while getting out of the direct sun for a while.

A pergola is almost an extension of your home because it’s an outdoor living space that provides you with shelter and shade. It’s also great for entertaining in. You can decorate your pergola in any way you choose, adding lighting and fans to keep you, your friends and family cool.

Build a Deck

Installing decking or a patio in your backyard creates the perfect space to enjoy entertaining or just relaxing. This is a job that can be difficult to do yourself, so if you’re looking for decking installers, Perth-based Landscape By Design has all the experience and knowledge to turn your garden from good to great!

Your deck is a part of your yard that will be used consistently throughout the year. Decks and patios are a real design statement that defines a place in your garden for you to enjoy spending time in. You can set up a table, chairs and a barbecue on your deck and you’re good to go. Basically, your imagination is the only limit to how you can decorate and use your deck.

Plant a Herb or Vegetable Garden

Eating alfresco is so enjoyable. It’s even better when you have your own crop of herbs and veggies growing in your garden. Just imagine how fresh and tasty they will be! You could grow your own tomatoes, lettuce – anything you like and that’s suitable for our climate.

An edible garden is great for teaching your children about the natural world. It also teaches them responsibility. Another added benefit of planting your own food is that it gets you out in the air for fresh air and exercise.

Install a Pool

Nothing beats having a dip in the pool when it’s hot outside. A pool is also perfect to lounge by on a hot sunny day. If you’re looking for pool landscapers, Perth WA- based Landscape By Design will create the design of your dreams. They can include water features, rockwork and more to create the feel of a secret oasis. Or, you can have your pool area as modern as you like with clean lines and decking.

Your garden should reflect your personality so if you’re ready to get started on your yard, get in touch with our team to request a quote.

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