How Beautiful Landscaping Can Increase Your Home’s Value

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Whether you are hoping to sell your property in the near future or you just like the idea of having a lavish outdoor landscape to add that ‘wow’ factor to your home, great landscaping is key. Did you know that you can actually increase the value of your home by as much as almost 30 percent when you have the landscaping spot on? In our wonderful Perth climate, it’s crucial to have an outdoor space that’s functional as well as attractive. When you go that extra mile to create something really special, your home will have so much added visual appeal. With this in mind, let’s find out more about lavish residential landscaping Perth.

Beautiful Landscaping Increases Kerb Appeal

First impressions count when it comes to purchasing a new home. If something doesn’t look or feel exactly right then it’ll be difficult for you to attract potential buyers. ‘Kerb appeal’ refers to the initial impression house hunters have the second they see your home. You may not have thought it but the exterior of your home is just as important, if not more so, than the interior. The right landscape designer Perth can create a charming, elegant garden that looks amazing!

Clever Planting Solves Problems

When you look at residential landscaping Perth-wide, it’s often used to solve problems such as overlooking neighbours. Planting the right trees and shrubs creates a visual barrier so the garden can be enjoyed in peace. Potential buyers will no doubt be very happy about this!

Planting a Herb Garden is Both Attractive and Useful

It might not have crossed your mind but a herb garden can add real charm and fragrance to your garden. It’s also very useful for people who love to cook! As is a vegetable garden. Growing your own food is very fashionable right now and it also saves you money!

A New Lawn Completely Revamps Your Garden

Having a dry, patchy, brown lawn is not the most eye-catching way to get people to love your property. So, why not invest in new grass to ensure your space looks amazing all year round? If you don’t fancy mowing, bear in mind that nowadays, modern fake turf is extremely natural in appearance. It needs very little maintenance either adding even more value to your home. Perfect!

Weed and Mulch Your Garden

You want to take great care of your plant beds to make that brilliant first impression. When your outdoor space is pristine, potential buyers will immediately perceive that it’s low-maintenance – an excellent selling point. It’s a good idea to speak with your trusted landscape designer Perth to find out more.

When it comes to making the most of your outdoor space, this is something that is probably best left to the experts, particularly if your garden is at different levels or is a non-uniform shape. Here, at Landscape By Design, we have a wealth of experience working with varied sizes of gardens. We offer a professional service that’s fully tailored to your own individual needs. To find out more, simply get in touch today!

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