How to Take Care of Your Lawn in Summer

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Oh, the balmy days of summer! Picture the scene – you’re outdoors just lazing on the lawn and relaxing with your shoes off, enjoying the feeling of the grass beneath your toes. Something doesn’t feel right though. Instead of lush, green and healthy grass it’s burnt, brown and frazzled. Nobody wants that! For this reason, we cannot stress highly enough just how important it is to stay on top of your garden maintenance.

The Australian summer temperatures are relentless. They’re roasting hot and then there’s also the bushfire and drought risk to consider. Taking all these challenges into account, keeping your lawn alive and looking good in the hot weather can be difficult but it can be done.


It’s crucial to be water-smart in the heat especially when there are water restrictions in place. A good-quality reticulation system takes the hard work out of watering. It also makes sure that your lawn is evenly hydrated.


Let’s face it – no one enjoys the monotonous chore of weeding, but it has to be done regularly. Weeds suffocate your lawn and your other plants too. So, you need to tackle them as soon as you see them. Try not to leave it to another day.


Try not to mow your lawn too short during the summer months as this stresses the grass, leaving you with dead, brown patches. When grass is left longer, the roots stay cooler which is a great plus when the weather is hot.


Aerating your lawn stimulates the growth of new grass, loosens the soil, improves nutrient and water filtration and, of course, circulates air.

Taking care of your lawn is a labour of love that’s well worth it in the long-term. For more helpful information and to find out about our Perth landscape design services, contact us today!

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