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5 Best Lawn Types for Your Garden in Perth

Blessed with warm, dry summers and mild winters, Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital. Its superb climate makes it easy to grow and maintain most grass varieties. Not sure which one to choose for your lawn? One of these five turf types could be perfect for your garden!


Buffalo grass is low maintenance, and it is ideal for residential landscaping Perth. It is resistant to pests and diseases, and it repairs itself quickly. You don’t need much watering or chemicals to make your lawn look lush and green throughout the year. There will be fewer dry patches and dead spots, which means this type of grass is perfect for families with children and pets.

MAINTENANCE TIPS: During summer months, water your lawn twice a week for 15-20 minutes. The best time to do this between 6 am and 8 am. You can mow your lawn every 7-10 days to maintain a height of 45 mm.


The most popular style of garden landscaping Perth locals love involves large pool areas. Zoysia grass is ideal for coastal gardens because it thrives in dry climates. It can withstand heat, drought and heavy foot traffic, but it is also highly resistant to salt and easy to maintain.

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Zoysia requires watering twice per week for about 20-30 minutes during summer months. You can mow the grass every 3-4 weeks don’t have to fertilize it at all.


With its ability to maintain a vibrant shade of green over winter, Bermuda grass is often used for sports fields as well as residential properties. Every landscaper Perth has to offer will tell you it is the perfect variety for lazy gardeners because it is extremely low-maintenance due to its extraordinary self-repairing abilities.

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Give your lawn deep watering once per week for 45 minutes. You can use fertilizer three times per year and mow regularly to maintain the height of 30-40 mm.


Kikuyu grass is also an excellent choice for sun-drenched Australian backyards. Due to its beautiful shade of green and resistance to drought or wear, this type of turf is also used for parks, golf courses and racing tracks. It doesn’t like shade, so use it for the surfaces that are fully exposed to the sun. Any ‘landscaper near me’ you find online will recommend this grass variety because it is a great value for money.

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Kikuyu grass will thrive even when you neglect it, and the dry patches can quickly recover. It requires mowing and deep watering once in every 5-7 days.


Couch is another popular sun-loving grass which has minimal shade tolerance like Kikuyu. It copes excellently with dry and hot climates, and it is resistant to browning during sizzling summers in Perth. This variety is also unaffected by drought and has quick self-repair capabilities. It needs to be planted in areas that are exposed to sunlight throughout the day. High salt tolerance makes it the perfect choice for the coastal environment and poolside garden areas.

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Mow your lawn twice per month during summer or once per month in winter months. Deep watering is required once per week for the newly-laid couch grass. An established lawn should be watered once in every 7-10 days during summer and less frequently during autumn and winter. You can use fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the warmer growing season.

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