Commercial Landscape Designs

Landscape Designs

Great landscape design can make your commercial property more attractive and liveable while helping people engage with your business. Dramatic entrances, soothing garden spaces, beautiful green walls and spectacular water features can accentuate the architecture and create tranquil surroundings people will want to spend time at. It can turn out to be a fantastic investment if you choose the best landscaper Perth has to offer.

Increase Functionality of Your Commercial Space with Fantastic Landscape Design Perth

Commercial properties showcase some of the finest examples of garden landscaping Perth-wide. Impeccably manicured lawns lined with trees or shrubs and flanked with self-contained fountains can contribute to a Zen-like experience and elevate your entire property. On the other hand, a garden that isn’t well-planned and perfectly maintained can turn customers and employees away. Here is how you can incorporate design elements to increase functionality:

  • Direct traffic flows! Highlight all the entrance points to invite people inside your building. You can line walkways with trees, shrubs or symmetrically positioned water features.
  • Make people stay longer! A beautiful garden with plenty of shade and comfortable seating areas will motivate both your employers and clients to linger a bit longer and enjoy your outdoor space.
  • Save water and energy! A functional landscape design can be eco-friendly and contribute to lower water and electricity bills. By creating shade in the right places, you can reduce the need to use cooling systems in the summer or keep your building protected against harsh winds and rain during winter months. A good reticulation system and a clever choice of plants will help you enjoy greenery without wasting too much water.
  • Translate your business philosophy into landscape design! Think about messages you want your commercial property to convey… Are you promoting sustainability, minimalism or luxury? Professional landscapers can help you incorporate your business ideas into a beautiful design.  

Why You Need Perth Landscape Designers?

Professional landscape designers can do so much more than just plant trees and mow your lawn. They can create a stunning outdoor space that combines beauty and functionality, conveys a unique message about your business and provides a healthier and more relaxing environment that your workers and clients will appreciate. From choosing the right plants to building pathways, alfresco areas and water features, your landscape specialist will cover every aspect of the garden design, ensuring that it truly meets your business needs.

Which Landscaping Services do You Need?

Commercial properties require more attention than private homes. From the initial plan to on-going maintenance, you can benefit from a number of professional services covering all the steps of a landscaping project. When choosing a company you’ll work with, look for Perth landscapers offering a full range of services, including:

  • Landscape design
  • Landscape construction
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Seasonal planting
  • Installation and maintenance of a reticulation system
  • Installation and maintenance of water features
  • Installation and maintenance of outdoor lighting

Professional landscapers can help you every step of the way. It is crucial to find an optimal way to organise your outdoor space and pick the appropriate species of trees, shrubs and flowers along with paving, water features and other decorative elements.

Ready To Start Your Landscaping Journey?

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