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Are you looking for creative ways to create or transform a small terrace or courtyard and enjoy a dazzling outdoor living space? Picture a wooden deck and a pergola adorned with trailing florals and greenery… Or imagine a cosy outdoor space with a water feature and screening plants… Tiny spaces are convenient because they are easier to maintain while exuding that laid-back feel of an outdoor living room. They are usually adjacent to the house or apartment, offering an extension to your living room space which you can use whenever it’s warm and sunny outside. With the right paving, roofing and lush flowers or foliage, it is easy to create a Perth landscape design you’ll fall in love with! Here are the three key things to consider when styling your terrace or courtyard.


Courtyards and terraces are increasingly popular because they are suitable for dense urban areas. Unlike the beloved Australian backyard, these open-air spaces are smaller but can be very comfortable offering more privacy and shelter from extreme weather. The art of landscaping Perth properties is in creating multi-purpose outdoor areas, and they can be divided or protected from views by privacy screens. From hedges and topiary to hanging plants, you can use various materials to create a beautiful green wall. It can be anything from a trailing flower curtain that provides a great visual barrier or a robust fence that also makes shade and offers protection from wind or rain. Other materials you can use include wood, metal, brick and sandstone.


The biggest challenge landscapers Perth-wide experience when designing small outdoor spaces such as terraces and courtyards is maximising natural light. Understanding how light works is crucial. If you want to create a tranquil sanctuary where you’ll be sheltered from the sun, then you can work with different elements such as pergolas, fences and screening plants. However, you also need to pick plants that can thrive without much direct sunlight. If you want a sun-drenched alfresco space for a dining table or deck chairs, then you need to find the right spot that has enough natural light at least for a few hours. It is also crucial to find an appropriate lighting solution to illuminate your terrace or courtyard after the sun goes down.


Landscape design Perth locals love weather-proof outdoor spaces you can utilise throughout the year. Imagine an oasis of peace where you can enjoy sun and fresh breezes, but also cool down during the hot summer months and shelter from rain or wind in wintertime… When you have a small terrace or a courtyard, the emphasis should be on functional, space-saving solutions and effects that can visually increase your outdoor area. No matter how tiny your space is, you can make it appear bigger. For example, you can do this by choosing smaller, multifunctional furniture pieces and water features or vibrant decorations such as suspended blooms and vertical gardens. You can also try to segment your square meters into separate areas for alfresco dining or entertainment and use lighter colours that will make the whole space seem bigger.  

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