The Latest Perth Landscaping Trends For Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

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Whether you enjoy a traditional country-style garden, or you love being on trend when it comes to your outdoor space, there’s something for everyone in terms of great Perth landscape design. There have been many trends that have come and gone in recent years. However, when it comes to creating a beautiful oasis for yourself, your family and friends outdoors, you can really just do whatever you like! After all, it’s your yard and your home. Even so, if you want some brand-new ideas for your landscaping, just read on.

Mulch Away

Mulching is the perfect way to stop weeds from spreading between your plants and wrecking the entire look of your yard. It also helps to feed your soil and plants as well as giving your garden a more uniform appearance. In addition, there are so many different colours and types of mulches on the market that you can really enhance the look of your yard.

Grow Your Own

Want to make the most of your yard? Just grow your own! There is nothing more satisfying than cultivating your own food. You also have full control of how you grow your plants, so you can relax in the knowledge that there are no hidden nasty additives that you don’t know about in there. You can have areas for growing your own veggies and herbs incorporated into your Perth garden landscaping by a professional team or you can dig some space yourself.

Have a Swim

Here, in WA, a home pool is a luxury that we all should have. In fact, with our weather, we would go a far as to say it’s a necessity! It’s true that there is nothing quite as enjoyable as having a dip in your own pool when you’re hot. With this in mind, if you’re looking for a new swimming pool to be installed, get in touch with a local landscaper who can give you a quote. Bear in mind also that your pool doesn’t just have to be a rectangle with water in it. You can have it landscaped to your own specifications, so it’s completely personalised to you and your family!

Build a Log Wall

If you like a natural interesting look in your garden then a log wall could be for you. As you will no doubt imagine, a log wall is made entirely with logs. It can be used as a fence to keep out prying eyes. A log wall also makes a wonderful living space for all sorts of creatures and insects. Your new log wall will be sure to be a talking point among everyone who sees it so it’s great for you if you love to make a statement!

Light it Right

If you enjoy entertaining, then this year, there is so much emphasis on garden lighting. You can use this to illuminate a focal point, for decoration and, of course, so you and your guests can see! Remember that additions such as fire pits can also add beautiful atmospheric light to your yard. (Just ensure that all the lights you choose are suitable to be used outdoors!)

Create a Focal Point

The best Perth garden designs feature a focal point – an area that draws people to it while also bringing the whole vibe of the yard together. Your focal point can be anything as small as a simple table set among some chairs or something as opulent as a hugely expensive fountain. What matters is that your focal point is right for you and that it suits both your style and the style of your garden.

Turfing Those Pavers

It may sound a little strange as many of us spend ages weeding in between our pavers. However, placing turf in between your pavers allows you to enjoy a softer, more natural look to your backyard. It also enables you to enjoy walking around without your shoes on without hurting your feet. Perfect!

So, there you have it. There are so many amazing new ways to rejuvenate your outdoor space. Whether you choose to work on your yard alone or you wish to secure the services of a landscaping professional, there’s sure to be an idea or two here that suits you!

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