5 Tips For Getting The Most From Your Backyard

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If you’re currently feeling tired of your tired-looking backyard then it’s time you made some changes. Here in Perth, garden designs tend to be pretty good due to our talented landscape designers in the area. So, you don’t want your outdoor space to be left behind. Having a good-looking backyard is essential as you will […]

Tips For Choosing the Right Perth Landscape Design Professional For You

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Here, in Perth, we absolutely adore outdoor living. It’s an aspect of life that we don’t take for granted in any way at all. In fact, we embrace it! At any given time, if you don’t find us in our homes or at work, we can be found out enjoying our gardens. And, because our […]

Your Guide To Choosing the Best Perth Landscapers

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When it comes to putting your outdoor space into the hands of a landscaping company, it can be daunting. You want good Perth landscape design at a decent price that won’t cost the earth. With every company out there making claims that their services are the best in town, how do you make the right […]

Choosing the Hardiest Plants for Coastal Regions

Plants for the Coastal Region

Choosing the right plants for the right region is key when it comes to landscaping. It’s important to take the local soil and climate into consideration. This may not seem like too much of a challenge, but you’d be surprised at how much knowledge and experience it takes to get things right. As you can […]

Aphids – How to Deal with a Garden Invasion

Dealing With Aphids

Aphids are probably the bane of your life if you’re a gardener. If you see just one of these horrible little creatures in your garden there are sure to be hundreds and probably thousands more following after. You see, aphids come in huge numbers so before you know it, your beautiful, thriving garden begins to […]

Is Professional Landscaping Worth it When Selling Your Home?

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Let’s face it, money is tight for most of us nowadays so it’s crucial to save wherever you can. When you’re thinking about landscaping your garden, you may feel tempted to save some money on that by doing it yourself. The thing is though that what seems like a relatively easy, straightforward job can quickly […]

How to Take Care of Your Lawn in Summer

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Oh, the balmy days of summer! Picture the scene – you’re outdoors just lazing on the lawn and relaxing with your shoes off, enjoying the feeling of the grass beneath your toes. Something doesn’t feel right though. Instead of lush, green and healthy grass it’s burnt, brown and frazzled. Nobody wants that! For this reason, […]