Landscape Pitfalls to Avoid

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It’s true that the right landscaping can add curb appeal and value to your home. However, when you don’t have your landscaping right, it can be a huge eyesore not to mention a drain on your finances when you have to put things right. Take a look at the following landscaping pitfalls to avoid if you want your outdoor space to be perfect.

Lack of Planning

Before you even begin to create your landscape, you need to have a complete plan. Perhaps you have a few ideas in your mind for different parts of your garden. That’s great! However, to create and implements the yard of your dreams, it’s best to work with a professional team of landscapers. Our team here at Landscape By Design has a wealth of knowledge to help you to create an inviting outdoor space. We will assess your current garden, analysing your existing vegetation and soil conditions. We will speak with you about your vision, create plans and then get to work.

Inadequate Lighting

When you finally have the garden you’ve been hoping for, it’s crucial to show it off in its best light. Often, people tend to overlook the lighting aspect of their landscaping. With the right illumination, especially on key features, your space will have round-the-clock appeal as well as being safe to walk around after dark.

Not Taking Seasonal Changes into Account

It’s important to have different plants that add interest to your garden throughout the seasons. When one flower bed dies down then there should be something else to focus on. Here, at Landscape By Design we can advise on the perfect plants to suit your soil and our climate. We have many years’ experience in residential landscaping Perth-wide and can take your outdoor space to the next level. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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